Spring Retreat "Power Body & Mind" in Spain

A bumpy start after winter at the crag ...

A few years ago after winter, we went back to the crag to start the outdoor climbing season.
As expected, the mix of sensations showed up.
You know, that uncertainty, awkwardness and the anxiety to fall.
As a result, our movements stiff and our arms tight in an instant.

We would have preferred to find back to the flow after the first route.
What it just feels like when you climb more often. Smoothly. With a laser focus.
But well, getting there doesn't happen in an instant. It takes some time.

Now, we believe that there is a much better way to start the climbing season.

Climbing for several days in a row is more effective than just once in a while during weekends

The problem is that you often stop too soon if you only have the weekend to start the outdoor climbing season.
Focused on what you climbed last year, you might feel behind as you recognize you have to start somewhere else.
In the beginning, tension and anxiety often are more present than progress.

Taking several days straight at the beginning is much more effective to get back on track.
The big plus is that more time allows you to keep the difficulty low, create small wins, and then quickly move over to more challenging routes.
That way, you'll get back to your previous level faster, with a higher self-confidence.
A start like is a fundament that will enable you to tackle new challenges and accelerate your progress.

Without the combination of climbing and yoga, you're missing out an enormous potential

The big difference to a usual climbing holiday is the holistic approach towards both the body and the mind.
This retreat is about connecting and strengthening your body and mind.

The yoga sessions will help you get rid of the winter stiffness and leave the uncertainty behind.
That will help you climb with more ease, self-confidence, and concentration in fantastic climbing spots.

And starting the climbing season in Spain sounds much better than in Central Europe! :-)

Here is a little taste of climbing there. Looks gorgeous, right?

Woman lead climbing in Spain with view to the seaside

With Kris and Tony from Costa Vertical, we have a great partner close to the Costa Blanca.
That means that you don't have to worry about the organization regarding mobility, accommodation, food, where to find the best routes.
You can fully concentrate on climbing, refining your technique and training your mind.

Facts about the retreat in spring

Upcoming dates:
02 - 06 March 2018

Destination: Alicante
679 EUR per person

What is included?

All-inclusive accommodation in a double room with bathroom
All transfers from/to Alicante airport
Climbing with qualified instructors from Costa Vertical
Yoga sessions for energy in the morning and active regeneration in the evening

Not included are flights, single room supplement (100 EUR), special alcoholic drinks.


  • Day 1 - Arrival & expectations & get to know each other.
    First optional yoga unit to tune in to the next days.
  • Day 2 - Yoga & Climbing. The first focus will be the analysis your climbing style. Tips and tricks to improve your climbing technique.
  • Day 3 - Yoga & Rock Climbing. Concentrate on your mental strength in climbing. How to use yoga to gain more mental strength and how to use it to climb.
  • Day 4 - Yoga & Rock Climbing. Apply what you learned the first days.
    Work on your project to succeed.
  • Day 5 - Departure

Which climbers is this retreat for?

It's for climbers who want to accelerate their progress for the upcoming season by using the potential the combination of climbing training and yoga has to offer. You can come alone or with a partner. It is for you if you find yourself in one of those points:

  • You are looking to transfer the skills you have from climbing indoors to the outdoors.
  • You are already leading up to 6a indoors or outdoors, but something is holding you back.
  • You are climbing outdoors already on toprope, and you want to start leading confidently in a safe environment.
  • You are new to sport climbing and would like to learn how to use your strength, technique and how to fall.

Of course, if you're a more experienced climber, you can still be with us and choose routes on your own. :-)
Only if your focus is on topics such as training for the ninth grade, then it's not the right retreat for you.

How to book your spot

Click on the button which will take you to the booking site.

Additional information:

  • Arriving earlier or staying longer is no problem. Tell Kris (or us) about your dates, and she'll arrange your accommodation.
  • Your information about your climbing and yoga experience is helpful to know for us.
  • By default, a double room is included.
  • Instead of a double room, you can also choose a single room or a more affordable shared room.
  • Pay via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. Deposit of 100 EUR, the rest later on.

Sounds good?

Then do not miss this opportunity!
Block the days in your calendar and click on the button above to reserve your spot.

If you still have a question about the process or the organization, you can contact us in the chat or via mail.

We look forward to some extraordinary days with you!