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Holistic Balancing Training for Climbers

How to avoid overstress, get rid of tension, and climb with more energy.

Why is a Balancing Training so Important?

You want to avoid shoulder pain and overloaded fingers while bouldering? You wonder how you can manage overhangs without your feet flying away and your strength running out? You want to know which yoga poses would help you for your warm-up and cool-down to avoid stiffness and tension? You're afraid that you need a lot of time for this?

Here's the good news: You can do this.

Without reducing climbing. Without doing complicated, time-consuming sequences. And without having a flexible "yoga body".

What You'll Find Here


Here, you can learn how to create stability and balance in areas that are often neglected during climbing and bouldering.

training the mind with yoga

You will learn which exercises you can include in your warm-up, so that you'll climb with more energy and ease.

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And you'll learn how to regenerate faster and how to maintain your level despite a climbing break.

About Us

We're Carlos and Stefanie, a Chilean-German couple based close to Frankenjura, a wonderful climbing spot in Germany.

We want to support you. We're familiar with overloads due to bouldering, stiffness, and frustration when the strength runs out quickly.

With Yoga, we have found ways to tackle these challenges. Stefanie has been teaching yoga since 2010. In 2012, we decided to focus on climbers and founded ClimbingFlex. Since then, we've helped thousands of climbers in German-speaking countries with our books, membership programs, and events.

Here we share our knowledge from the view of a yoga teacher and our experience as climbers. We share how yoga has helped us create a balance, become more flexible, and improve our performance.

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