Welcome to relaxation. To becoming stronger. To becoming more flexible.

Here you’ll find online yoga from climbers, for climbers.

What do you need?

Body tension. Flexibility. Balance. Strength. True relaxation. Focus. Mental power. Stamina.

On our blog, you can find related tips, techniques and inspiration. And under our yoga section Fit4Climbing, we implement these together.

We have specially developed Fit4Climbing so you can enjoy targeted, challenging and soothing yoga for climbers directly on your own mat. Whenever, wherever and as often as you like.

Stefanie and Paz in Parque Nacional Huerquehue Chile, Yoga for Climbers

Our mindset: Let’s step it up.

When it comes to climbing, yoga and even life itself, so much more is possible than we often think.

Decide how you want to climb and how you want to feel. Don’t settle for less. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by struggles, excuses and doubts. Take the next step.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Why do we think this mindset is so important for climbing? How can we bring this mindset to the yoga mat? And why do the whole thing in the first place?

Stefanie Yoga after Climbing Valle de los Condores Chile

Every little step counts.

Every time you turn to your mat, you’ll begin to notice changes. In that moment. With time, when you’re climbing. And in you, personally.

For our Committed Climbers in Fit4Climbing Pro, we also want to reflect these changes on the outside. With a tree for each climber that represents the quality the climber would like to cultivate the most.

To plant the trees, we want to organize small events focused on environmental education for children. Because we want to show children that even a small step towards environmental protection can make a difference.

Below, we explain how we plan to do this.

Grow Your Tree with Climbingflex